People Watch

Targeted subject #1

Name: Tan Chay Khoon Mabel

Blk 406 Hougang Ave 10 #02-1120

Venue: Yishun MRT
Seated upright, waiting for train. Wearing a maroon coloured polo tee from Hush Puppies. dark grey bermudas. Simple black ballerina flats, seemed like they were from Rubi (I have a similar pair too). Overall her assemble is very casual, if not plain. She is probably heading to the library as she has a pile of National Library Board books placed beside her.
Couldn’t see her face from my angle as her fridge covered it. Has a short, neat concave bob that looks damp. It is raining so there could be a possiblity that she braved the rain. However her clothes looks relatively dry. So I conclude that she just had a shower before she left home.
She had her earpiece on and is reading from her htc smartphone. She keeps scrolling down and would occasionally sniffle giggles. She could be reading an e-book which she downloaded into her phone as the text is too long to be a SMS. As she reads, she would shake her right leg continuously.

Wait I forgot to mention, her htc phone had a HOT PINK COVER WITH BUNNY EARS EXTENDED OUT. EWW.

Targeted Subject #2

Name: Lim Jing Min

11 Coronation Drive

Venue: Admiralty Bus stop

Guy of age 20+.
Has black, rather frizzy hair which he tries to tame by repeatedly combing it with his fingers. Very common hairstyle, fridge swept to his left, shaved back.
Wearing a dark green polo tee with “Raffles Movers” printed behind. Had on a three quarters ripped denim pants with frayed edges. Had on a pair of dirty looking beige coloured crocs.
He is wearing shades (WHAT?!) even though it is raining and has techno music blaring in his headphones.
Maybe he is on his way to work. He could have experienced a bad day the day before, like say, had a quarrel with his girlfriend. Which explains his shades, as he wishes to hide his puffy, red eyes and the reason as to why he keeps yawning every few minutes.


One Comment on “People Watch”

  1. theredpants says:

    Good insights into the second character but a bit sparse with the first – good physical descriptions though.

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