Write 12 opening phrases – complete sentences that start a story.

1. Using a metal crowbar as a lever, Jason pries open the safe….

2. The phone rang, disrupting the peace of the wee night hours. Susan picks up the call…

3. He took a huge bite and savors the sweetness, a trail of red dripping down his chin…

4. Entering the darkened room, Caleb fumbles for the switch…

5. The howling begins, Josh quickens his steps…

6. Waking up coughing, smoke overwhelms James’ field of vision..

7. Ben’s heart sinks as he catches sight of the hunched figure at the corner..

8. Ashley clutches Eric’s shirt tail with an unyielding grip, tears streaming down the sides of her face…

9. “Everything will be alright, Jack is safe,” Sandra whispers fervently to herself over and over again…

10. Xavier recalls his coach’s prep talk and readies himself, seizing his opponent’s every movement…

11.  Jaclyn takes a deep breath, squares her shoulders and knocks on the door before her..

12. Danny locks his joints and braces for the impending impact…


One Comment on “Openers”

  1. theredpants says:

    Your openers are quite generic in nature with almost too many possibilities for stories. Having said that, #3 is great though. Just the right amount of specificity so it won’t have too many possibilities, while having it open to quite a bit or interpretation as to where the story will go – good job on that one.

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