Leonard walks towards the box, a massive red cube of sealed goodness laying right on top his bed, nestled snugly amidst his duvet covers.

People Watch Exercise

Lim Jing Min experiences a throbbing headache as he recalled last nights events. He had a major quarrel with his girlfriend of two years. They yelled profanities at each other and said things that were probably untrue, yet at the fit of anger, was blurted out. Her incessant demands had him frustrated and annoyed. He yanked his fingers through his hair. It was an action he did whenever he is in distress. ‘It wasn’t my fault that my boss disallowed me from knocking off early.’ He thought bitterly to himself. He fingers his ring habitually. His girlfriend had a similar female version one too. It was a present he had gotten her last anniversary. He could not help but wondered if there would be a third anniversary. His phone vibrated then. It was a text from Susan, asking for a breakup. It was then, Mabel seated beside him let out a shrill giggle. He glances at her, Mabel’s hot pink bunny handphone cover seemed to mock his grieve.

“What are you laughing at?”


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