50 Word Stories

1. Goodbye My Friend

Jack laid Rose gently into the pool of water. He caressed her cheek lovingly. “Goodbye,” he whispered and pushed the button. A sound emitted; signaling the oncoming tide. He chose to believe that Rose’s fin did a little wave before the whirlpool transported her lifeless body into the other side.

2. Eat What You Reap

Reaching for the bottle labeled ‘Vinegar’, he smirked. ‘This would teach that Bitch to be more courteous to vendors.’ He felt his anger slowly seeps away as as he pours a heavy dose into the noodles. With a toothy grin, he hands the steaming plate to the livid customer, “finally!”

3. With Love,

Josh broke the vase. Red hazed my vision, without thought, my legs carried me over to him. His eyes pleaded me, I struck him hard. A trail of crimson dripped down his chin. “I’m sorry my love,” I fervently whispered, repeatedly. Struggling out of my embrace, my son walked away.

4. Concentration

With hefty strokes, Sarah painted the green landscape, her tongue stuck out in deep concentration. Without breaking stride, she reached for her cup with her other hand and took a sip. “Eww,” she exclaimed and made the point to never use similar cups for her painting and for her drink.

5. The Experiment

Fear gripped her like a child would a rag doll. They flung her mercilessly to the surgical table and restraint her body down to the metal surface. Taking off their headgear, she stares up to a dozen Extra-Terrestrials. One croaked, “We are going to experiment on you.” she blacked out.


One Comment on “50 Word Stories”

  1. theredpants says:

    You write very well and there’s a lot of variety and thought in your work and it’s very readable. Good job overall.

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