After watching Got to Dance on Star World ch,
Me, “Why didn’t you enroll me into one of those dance classes when I was young?”
Mom, “Oh please, you begged me to discontinue your ballet lessons…”

This picture that you’re looking at right now is an art piece done by yours truly, at the age of 7. I don’t know about you but I think it looks pretty damn awesome. Hahaha!

When I was younger, way waay long time ago, I told everyone, “When I grow up, I want to be an Artist.” With that said, my mum whisked me off to Kinderland Education and Childcare centre and there was where most of my happy childhood memories were formed. I remembered that Sundays were just delightful to wake up to. Without fail, rain or shine, my mum would send James and I off to our Arts and Crafts lesson. It was there that I found the joy of creating my very own Art!

To reminisce, I ransacked my cabinet and uncovered all my masterpieces! My mum carefully kept them in a huge plastic folder.

This piece on the left actually got me a Gold award for Singapore Kindness Movement (something along the lines of,) Art Competition. The ‘vehicle’ on the left, yes the tri-analog coloured car that transports three people really had me cracking up. Where I got the inspiration to draw such a thing, I dont know.

Arghh, wordpress won’t let me tilt the picture upright… This one was me experimenting with watercolours. I knew that I had a hard time controlling such a soluble medium then and it is the same for now! I have yet to master the technique. But I love the effect made by watercolours. It always give artworks a sense of fluidity and movement.

This piece, I really really like! I’d gotten 4/5 stars! If I can say so myself, you can see the makings of Vincent Van Gogh here. Notice the all-too-familiar dabbing technique at the background, hahaa! We used our fingers to paint the dots on and I remembered James went home with paint splattered clothes that day, even though we all wore aprons.

So this is another one, on flowers obviously. I was told to use straws as substitute for stalks. It made the flowers look 3-D, kinda. I thought it was real creative then. There was this cheeky boy in class who refused to listen to the teacher and went ahead with chopping up all of his ‘stalks’. So in the end, his end product was different from the rest. He had straws as leaves instead.

Oh well, I actually took 100000000000 over snapshots of all my other creations but I shall spare you guys, hah. It was fun looking through every single piece, laughing at weird things James and I drew and smiling when that picture evoked a distant memory.

So that was the starting point that sparked my interest, of course I followed on to join Sculpture Club as my pri, school CCA and took Art in O levels. Gone were the days I colour in blocks of monotone and outlining shapes with felt-marker. Over the years, I’ve acquainted myself fairly well with the pencil and the brush. I’ve gone a long way and it is interesting to see the improvements that I’d made.

Now my aspiration is to become a VFX Artist which really, isn’t very far from where I’ve first started. I do believe that Art would be a major part of my life.

In 2-D Art lessons, I recalled Sally exclaiming that I wasn’t “Human” for producing a realistic sketch of Katy Perry and a crying boy, but really, its just years and years of practice. Well, in my case, I wouldn’t exactly call them practices since I truly enjoy what I’m doing. It was my hobby. It still is. Majority believes that people are naturally born with artistic abilities which allows them to draw/paint better than the average. That may be true to a certain extend but hey, I can say the same for people that are better in Math than those that aren’t. However it is mandatory to study math in school, so how is that fair?

Anyway, I just want to emphasize the point that everyone can draw, so yea, that means you too, Leslie. Well, that is possible if people are willing to invest their time nurturing and exercising their creative Mr. Right Brain.

I named this blog after this painting I’ve done- Violet Rapture.


One Comment on “Sparks”

  1. theredpants says:

    Oh, I’m pretty sure I can draw …

    … money from an ATM
    … conclusions to problems
    … the curtains in my house

    But yeah, I agree with you. It’s all about practice and that’s all there is to it. Plus talent, of course, which you seems to have loads of.

    And it’s got to be fun; THAT is so important.

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