Toys, PG?

I saw something that greatly disturbed me yesterday.

I think you can guess what I’m on about from this blog post title and the pictures. Yes, I even photoshopped them to give the added effect. (Leslie extra marks, please?) Pardon the pictures’ low resolutions, I snapped them using my iPhone. It was my first time taking sneak shots of total strangers, I feel like those STomp people. Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe it’s not a bad idea.. and I can earn an easy 50 bucks too…

Alright, enough digressing, as I was saying, this boy did something that greatly disturbed me. On the way to school, I found myself a seat on the train and took the opportunity to take a quick snooze. I remembered being rudely awaken by some incoherent yelling, mind you, I had Slipknot- Wait and Bleed blasting in my ears. (Yes, I am that type of person that is able to sleep through heavy metal but not annoying shoutings/talking..) I opened my eyes to be greeted by this boy. He was seated directly opposite me, had his rifle aimed at me, and was repeatedly shouting, “bang, bang, bang!!…”

To say that I was not at all amused by his exhibition of violence was an understatement.

He than carried on to shoot at practically everything that catches his attention; random commuters and even objects/birds outside the window for the entire length of his train journey. Yeap, most of the commuters, including me were victims under his dreaded rifle. I’m pretty sure that our cabin and the next were able to see, if not hear his rather impressive imitations of one-sided shoot offs.

I’ve yet to announce the epitome of this whole incredulous situation, his dad was seated beside me, blatantly ignoring his son’s evil endeavours and was immersing himself in his game of SMURFS on his iPhone! Imagine that! Now, seriously, what has the world became to?

Whatever happened to playing with good ol’Hot Wheels cars? I would rather the boy play with Barbie’s than that. At least they are pretty harmless, no?

I don’t blame the boy of no less 5 years old. Its his parents that are the ignorant ones. I can already see where this boy will stand in ten, twenty, forty years to come if this persist on.

Should toys have censorship, yes I do think that there’s a need to.


One Comment on “Toys, PG?”

  1. theredpants says:

    Censor the child – not the toy!

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