WHAT THE (insert expletives)?!!

This post is dedicated to Tarzan. RIP.

We all had fun feeding you, poking you and decorating your humble abode. Though it was a short two days, you had fun… right? Playing tag with Popeye and uh, swimming around…

Well, just to let you know, wherever you are, Dad misses you. Wait, not your dad- biological father, but the one who’d bought you from the store. Yes, the one who has got Haley William’s hair. My dad.

I think I should backtrack a little. Just a few days ago, my dad had a ‘brilliant idea’, mind you, his words. Not mine. Now, if you know my dad well enough, you will come to realise that he is perpetually busying himself with one of his many ideas, or projects as he likes to call them. Or in my case, living under the same roof as him for more than 17 years, I have come to more or less, sorta, maybe… accept this quirky side of him. I can say the same for my brother, but my mother… Let’s just say that she takes a longer time to ‘see the light’, or to be precise, ‘see her hubby’s light’.

So I came back home from school and found everyone (Dad, Mom, James) crowding in front of the living room’s window.

I heard my mom exclaiming, “I don’t think it’s alright to put them here leh. What if the management office finds out about this?”

Dad, “Aiyooh, how would they know? Anyway I doubt they even have such a policy and..”

My brother , James interrupts loudly, “Well, that’s because no one would have thought to even put a tank outside lah, so why would there be a policy?!!”

At that point in time, I was super curious and joined them, looking out the window. Bold and behold! A tank. Outside. M&M figurine. Fishes. M&M FIGURINE. OUTSIDE? WHAAAT THE (insert expletives)?!!

Yeap. By outside, I actually meant, the planter area.

That area, a few days ago was filled with potted plants, now house a tank, which in turn house two fishes. Well, used to house two fishes. Now, house one fish.

To tell you the truth, I was mentally prepared for something more bizarre. He once told me that he thought of installing a hammock there. Yes a freaking hammock outside. He only chose to confide in me knowing that I am most receptive of his ideas among the family. I may be an adrenaline junkie, but I still value my life! We live on the 2nd floor for god sake! As much as my dad is ‘creative’, he’s senses never left him and thus that idea was quickly abandoned. Much to my relief.

Both James and I warmed to this new addition in our house- planter area rather quickly after wearing off the initial shock. My mom is still weary, not a surprise there. Among all his other endeavours, this is one of the more successful one and is actually easier to adapt to. Well, duh, it’s outside.

I remembered there was once, my dad changed the whole living room layout, placing all the furnitures in the reverse direction. He felt that the layout was too boring and wanted to ‘spice up our house’. Well naturally we all felt awkward, I would reach out to my left, only to realise the phone is on my right instead. To everyone’s agreement, the layout was reverted back to the previous one. Sometimes, boring is good.

So you see! A tank/pond outside is really harmless! Except if it rains, the window on the far left cannot be fully clamped shut because of the water pump wire getting in the way. We actually need to walk over to the window to see Popeye and not to mention, that damn M&M figurine is an eyesore! The water needs to be replaced frequently as because it is outside, it gets dirty way quicker. But oh well, thats my dad’s job anyway. (In case you’re wondering, yes, he needs to climb over the window still to reach the tank.)

Right now, my dad is thinking of further improving the aesthetics of the ‘pond’ by maybe replacing the tank with a row boat or a wooden barrel. And maybe alleviating the whole tank so we can actually see the fish through the window glass.

Here we go again.


2 Comments on “WHAT THE (insert expletives)?!!”

  1. theredpants says:

    I think it’s cool what your Dad is doing – a man unafraid of change – you gotta admire that. And the living room swap? Classic! My hat’s off to him!

  2. He is actually overly proud that I featured him in my blog and now he has decided that you are a good teacher based on your comment… Leslie, you’re on a great start, sucking up to him, hah! I think he is more confident about realizing all his plans into reality..

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