Truth be told, out of my entire homework pile, Storytelling’s assignment was the last to be picked. (pretty obvious, seeing I’m only starting this post at 11:25pm on the last day of submission..) Yes, i shall be candid and confess; I found it the least attractive and most tedious. The very thought of writing doesn’t repulse me but rather, intimidate me. I would approach writing with caution. Unlike some, words doesn’t flow to me naturally. My brain functions in such a fashion: It would process my inner thoughts and feelings in pictorial forms and very often or not, they would stay illustrated unless there is a need to communicate them to others. To put it simply, I’m highly visually orientated. I rely heavily on body language and facial expressions to convey myself to the people of the world. I trust most people are like me too.

I never had the habit of penning my thoughts down and honestly, I doubt I ever will. People often say that keeping a personal diary is great for acutely recording down events; special memories that you would want to embed in your head forever or for letting go steam as you complain about a certain someone for ruining your otherwise perfect day. The diary would be a doppelganger of You, one with a better memory. I guess all of this seems pretty wonderfully meaningful, but really, I just do not have the patience to reiterate an entire day’s worth of activities in my head and than transferring it onto paper. The whole process just screams troublesome with a capital ‘T’! If I had a bad day, why remind myself of it and pissing my already pissed self any further? At least, that’s my personal take on diary writing. I do not seek comfort in writing, my preferred mode of de-stressing and unwinding would be painting, to each their own. At this point in time, you might have thoughts running along the lines of: “pfft, if you’re lazy and couldn’t be bothered to maintain a diary just own up already, quit finding excuses to defend your lazy ass!” I beg to differ! There was a time, a distant ago that I possessed a diary, it was blue with a built-in lock mechanism. Till now, an entry dated 28 September 2004 was the first and last to be written. Currently it has taken refuge in my study drawer.

Blogging is never my thing too. I had one back in secondary school and the only thing that intrigued me was the html codings. I spent more time sourcing for new blog backgrounds, modifying them to meet my liking than, I would on composing a blog post. I’m a rather private person and tend to keep my thoughts in the privacy of my own head and only share them exclusively to people that are genuinely interested to know. Also, I came to realize that I am a tad bit more cynical than the average masses, I often get adverse reactions from various people regarding the outlook I have on life.

On a side note, I went for the scholarship interview today. I really wished I could say with confidence that the panel of interviewers absolutely adored me, that they were blown away by the maturity of my answers and that I would be shortlisted for the second round of interview. However Reality often feels the need to kick you where it hurts, beating you into submission… Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little. I guess, I just can’t help but feel disappointed that I wasn’t able to fully express what I had originally prepared to say, to them in that 10+ minutes timeframe. Oh well, no use crying over spilt Milo. Let’s just say that I will never let my iPhone leave my sight and that every single call would be answered with earnest, at least for the whole of next week.

I have to say that I am rather surprised at this lengthy post, I shared things that I wasn’t intending to… Maybe it’s the start of something good.

Chanced upon this picture. I must say, I have taken quite a liking to Ms Tin Pei Ling.


One Comment on “Doppelganger”

  1. theredpants says:

    I must say, for something you did last and seem to rue, you do have a lot to say … not that it’s a bad thing 🙂

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